Scotts Wright Solicitors help you to make a will, form a trust and also act as professional executors for deceased estates.

Our long established team of solicitors can help you with all aspects of preparing your will including advising on will trusts. We are also able to assist executors with administering to deceased estates.

Scotts Wright Solicitors are regularly appointed as executors: our solicitors have much experience in the legal necessities involved.

Making a Will

Scotts Wright Solicitors are able to assist you with the making of a valid will which truly reflects your testamentary intentions. We are skilled at dealing with complex estates and disbursals, including those involving international assets.

We are able to produce wills for a fixed fee, which will be agreed with you before we commence.

Forming Trusts

A trust may reduce your inheritance tax liability, protect your family against financial difficulties or provide for the care of handicapped or incapacitated people.

Professional Executors

Many people, including those appointed as executors on a person’s will, choose to appoint professional executors. Scotts Wright are able to administer to deceased estates as professional executors, complying with all legal duties of executors on your behalf.

Obtaining Probate

We can assist following a person’s death by obtaining probate.

Probate is the legal authentication of a will which allows Banks and Building Societies to pay out money following a death. We can contact all the relevant Banks, Building Societies and any other creditors for you and can also deal with any debts that need to be cleared.

Income & Inheritance Taxes

If there is any necessary Income or Inheritance Tax to pay, we can deal with that for you.

Contact us

For more information, please contact Ian C Scott at our Leyburn Office or Kathryn Vasey at our Catterick Garrison Office.