Scotts Wright matrimonial expert has produced the following helpful guide to Family Mediation, in the form of answers to frequently asked questions. If we can help you further, do not hesitate to contact Allen Bailey.

Family Mediation FAQs

My partner and I are having problems - will mediation help?

Mediation can often help separating couples reach decisions on issues which are important to them – children and finances, for example – and reduce conflict when separating.

A good mediator can often come up with ways of resolving the conflict which may not necessarily be obvious to you or your partner. Your mediator won’t take decisions for you, and won’t impose “agreement” on you, but he or she will offer suggestions and help both of you reach your own informed decisions.

Will the mediator make us stay together?

No, mediation isn’t to stop you splitting up, it is to help you both reach mutually acceptable decisions in relation to matters which are important to you.

If either of you want to consider staying together, then you should consider going to Relate ( ), or to some other form of counselling.

Why should we bother going to mediation?

Research has shown that mediation helps:

  • Reduce conflict
  • Maintain good relationship with your ex partner
  • Reduce the stresses and potential harm to children, when parents separate
  • Reach an agreement that is more likely to stand the test of time

Is it confidential?

The only exception to this is if it appears from what is said during mediation that either a child or a vulnerable adult has suffered significant harm, or would be at risk of doing so.  The mediator would then be under an obligation to make sure that the relevant authorities – social services, for example – were told.

How long does it take and how much does it cost?

In relation to both of these issues, much depends on your own particular circumstances, on how much has already been agreed between you and on whether your affairs are relatively complicated, or straight forward. The greater the number of issues involved, then the longer the mediation will take.

In relation to fees, there is no standard fee for mediation, different mediators charge different rates, but most of them charge by the hour. Mediation isn’t cheap, but in our experience, in many cases, it can be cheaper than going to Court.

How do I get started and how do you fit in?

Here at Scotts Wright, we have access to many trained mediators operating in the local area. We can make a referral for you, and organise your first appointment.

Mediation always works best when it is supported by legal advice. We will support you through the mediation process and we can help by advising you whether the proposals are appropriate for you, in your particular circumstances, and advising you what you need to do next.

Why not book an appointment to see Allen Bailey? We offer fixed fee half hour diagnostic appointments, at a time to suit you.