We can’t agree about our children. What can we do?

Sometimes, despite both parents using their very best efforts, you simply can’t agree what is in the best interests of your children.

In circumstances such as this, whether or not you are married, you are entitled to make an application to the Court for an order in relation to your children.

These orders are now called a “Child Arrangements Order”, and will state where and with whom a child is to live, to spend time with, or to otherwise have contact with.

You could also, in certain circumstances, make an application for a Prohibited Steps Order or a Specific Issue Order.

A Prohibited Steps Order can be made preventing a person from taking certain steps in relation to a child, for example, preventing a child from being taken abroad.

A Specific Issue Order can determine a specific question which has arisen in relation to a child, for example, where and how a child should be educated.

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