Conveyancing Department

Our Conveyancing team consists of five fully qualified Solicitors who are ably supported by our secretarial staff and between us, we have a wealth of experience in both residential and commercial property matters. You can find out more information about our Solicitors on ‘Our People’ page. No matter who in our team handles your transaction, they will be supervised by Steven Scott, our Head of Property.

How long will my house sale take?

How long it will take from your accepting an offer until you can move will depend on a number of factors. The average process takes between 6-8 weeks however, it can be quicker or slower, depending on the parties in the chain.

Stages of the process

The precise stages involved in the sale of a residential property vary according to the circumstances. However, below we have suggested some key stages for your information.

  • Take your instructions and give you initial advice
  • Supplying information to you and those involved with the transaction
  • Checking the title of the property you are selling
  • Liaising with the Management Company (if applicable)
  • Preparing documents, the sale contract and deeds relating to your sale
  • Dealing with questions and enquiries raised by your Buyer’s solicitors
  • Reporting to you
  • Exchanging contracts, following any negotiations on the terms
  • Approving the transfer deed supplied by the buyers
  • Agree completion date
  • Completing the sale and accounting to you for the proceeds or receiving from you any monies required to complete the sale
  • Dealing with all post-completion matters, particularly repaying any outstanding mortgages or loans